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QM Meltpool 3D

In option

Objective: It involves meltpool monitoring that detects the crucial stage in the LaserCUSING process with a photodiode and a camera.

Process: the photodiode records the meltpool emissions that are produced during the melting process in the infared range. The data is available immediately after the build process. It is possible to analyze the component in automated fashion with the aid of software.

Applications: medical and aeronautic.

Results: reduction of control process by simplifying the steps, financial and time gain.

QM Coating

In option.

Objective: it regulates the dose factor of the metal powder during the build process and monitors its even distribution over the build surface.

Process: a high-resolution camera uses a flash to take a picture of the build surface before and after the layer application. An intelligent algorithm calculates a difference image from the recorded data. The analyzer then decides whether the powder application was sufficient, the powder factor needs to be increased, reduced or renewed coatings need to be carried out.

Applications: medical - aeronautic

Results: the module calculates the optimum setting at all time during the process.

QM Live View

In option

Objective: record at distance and in real time the entire build process

Process: a high resolution camera is attached to the process chamber

Applications: all industries

Results: control and traceability

QM Fiber power

Only for machine with 1 laser source.

Objective: the performance is constantly monitored and possible servicing can be promptly arranged.

Process: it monitors the laser source in the LaserCUSING process and provides information about its power output. If discrepancies occur, they are directly transmitted to the machine software.

Applications: all industries

Results: it prevents failures and increases the global quality of the process and parts.

QM Cusing power

In option.

Objective: it records the laser power delivered on the build area.

Process: it uses a separate measuring device to record the laser powder.

Applications: all industries

Results: traceability, measure before and after each production process.

QM Atmosphere

Included on the standard package.

Objective: its monitors the oxygen concentration in the process chamber.

Process: the module monitors the oxygen concentration and continuously analyzes the filter status.

Applications: mandatory for the use of reactive materials (titanium, aluminium)

Results: it enables safe handling of reactive materials.

QM Powder

In option.

Objective: it monitors the powder quality.

Process 1: each batch of powder is analyzed by an independent laboratory.

Process 2: use of external sieving station.

Applications: mandatory for the use of reactive materials (titanium, aluminium)

Results: optimization of the powder quality.

QM Documentation

Included on the standard package.

Objective: It ensures the traceability of the build process.

Process: it is implemented within the CL WRX Control 2.0 machine software and collects all of the sensor data in one log.

Applications: all industries

Results: it provides spreadsheet and enables the automatic creation of diagrams.

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