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Business case - "La Mutualité Dentaire de l’Est"

Create a 4.0 dental center

The 1st of January 2019, the “Mutualité Dentaire de l’Est” became member of the “Union Nationale Patronale des Prothésistes Dentaires” (UNPPD). Frederic Duda, CEO and Cyril Dole, manager of the Argiésans site received it as a reward after many years of hard work. With 115 employees and a turnover of 7 million €, it is the biggest mutual dental center. They guarantee a “Made in France” production.

The arrival of new technologies and the economic context have deeply impacted the dental sector. Frederic Duda and Cyril Dole have massively invested since few years to guarantee to their customers the best quality at the right cost.

They testify:

Foundation of the MDDE:

Founded in 1994, the MDDE is borne from the economic union of Doubs, Belfort and Alsace centers. The main objective was to mutualize production equipment and dental activities in one place. Today the strategy remains similar with the recent acquisition of the Chevigny laboratory.

Proximity with customers in one the key success factors of the MDDE business model. They work closely with dentists.

A 4.0 dental center: the 3D printing

In 2015, the MDDE bought a 1st 3D printing machine: the M1 cusing, Concept Laser – Ge Additive. In January 2019 they acquired a second one: the MLab cusing 200R. A third one is to come on 2020. Today two productions are launched per day on the M1 and Mlab cusing 200R.

Very dynamic, the MDDE decided to massively invest on 3D printing technology in order to stay competitive. The previous CEO, Mr Quarrey, engaged itself in order to reduce dental component ’price. Challenge done: the cost has been reduced by 35% from 2011 to 2018 thanks these two last investments.

The MDDE is not ready to stop its effort and aims at switching 80% of its production on 3D printing machines.

Investment drivers: Concept Laser – Ge Additive

Dentauruum (supplier of powders) and the MDDE have been partners since many years. This is the reason why the choice of Ge Additive-Concept Laser has been very smooth. Their machines work exclusively with Dentauruum powders.

Supported by Repmo and Patrice Gainet (Tronchet Machines-Outils), the MDDE continue to invest on 3D printing machines. They imagine a 100% automatized dental production center for the future.

“Made in France” services

With its 4.0 dental center, the MDDE offers to their customers a premium service. In addition, the MDDE has developed its own dental software, in operation since 2017: Labodent. This platform ensures an easy transmission of orders, prescriptions, photos.

2020: new projects to come!

Dynamizing the dental profession, the MDDE has new projects to come! They wish to offer their products to new market. They will launch semi-finished products in 2019.

MDDE web-site:

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